Outreach & Care

Dennis de Stadler


Gods Pantry
This ministry is a fully hands on outreach project that reaches out to needy people, providing them with a food parcel on a regular basis containing basic foodstuffs. We support approximately 140 families a month with an additional 50 Grannies from the Tamboville area.

Contact:  Monica Ashe:

Grey’s Hospital Feeding Scheme

This is another hands on project reaching out to people who have come into town for appointments with the clinics at Grey’s Hospital Out patients Department. We provide them with a meal and something to drink.

Contact:  Wendy Warr: 033 3472267 / warrfamily@mweb.co.za

Clothes Closet

This is our second hand clothing ministry.

Contact: The office: 033 3473177/admin@allsaintschurch.co.za

Emmaus, Chrysalis and Kairos

These are ministries independently run outside the church, but we have great church involvement – both in volunteers and other resources. If you are interested in finding out more please visit www.kznemmaus.co.za

Various Home Group Initiatives

Many of our Home Groups have a heart for Outreach, and have begun their own initiatives, ranging from assisting a crèche to helping out at an old age home.


We have a dedicated team of volunteers who cover as many aspects of care as possible, including: hospital visiting, frozen meals, ill-at-home, seniors, young moms, bereaved, as well as crisis care which is covered by our ministry team.

Every aspect of this ministry is treated with confidentiality and respect. Our team’s desire is to be there for you in whatever situation you might find yourself!

Jude Miller



033 347 3177