Youth Ministries

Cheryl Hopkins

Children’s Church

Our All Saints Children’s program runs each Sunday morning of the school term during our 9am service. It’s important to us that our children grow up feeling that they are a part of the church, that’s why the first 20 minutes of our family service is dedicated to them. This gives families the opportunity to worship and do church together after which the children go to their classrooms. We have a team of dedicated mentors who spend time with the children sharing a lesson and building positive relationships. Our aim is to walk with you, as your children discover more and more about following Jesus. So join us and have the time of your life!


Children’s Church 

All Saints United Church hosts both a children’s and youth ministry for young people of all ages. Our children join us in our 9am family service for a children’s message and a time of worship before heading off to their classrooms with their Children’s Church mentors. The lessons in the classroom are based on Godly Play, a teaching which allows our children to connect on a spiritual level whilst listening to the Bible story . The children have a period of reflection and a time of questions relating to the Bible story. To find out more about Godly Play, please visit

Come along, we look forward to spending time with your children.


Teen Church

While the children meet for their service, the teens do the same! This is a time where teens can enjoy a time of fellowship together, and also tackle relatable, biblical teachings that they can apply to their lives as they are experiencing them. This is a new ministry for All Saints, having officially launched in 2019. It is currently growing as a positive movement for teens who have found it a time to bond and learn about God in a space that is their own.



This fun, interactive time takes place on a Friday afternoon from 17.15 to 18.30 for Grade 1 to Grade 7 pupils. This is our Junior Youth where you are encouraged to bring a buddy. The idea of this time together is to grow friendships and learn about our Saviour , Jesus Christ. A firm favourite of this time together is the worship with action, Bible-based songs and good óle fashioned games. Our Junior Youth also offers Mom’s a night off from cooking with the option to purchase toasted cheese sarms – a treat for younger ones who always make this evening the best day of the week!



Our Senior Youth for our teenagers takes place on Friday evenings from 19:00 to 21:00. Here we come together playing games, worshipping, meeting new friends and learning about our God. Fun and experience are vital elements of all our Youth Ministries, with Christ at the centre. During the course of the year we offer and run an Alpha Youth Course, also part of our Confirmation Course, available to teens who are ready to formally confirm their commitment to Jesus Christ.  A Chrysalis journey is also offered for those teens and young adults wanting to deepen their relationship with Jesus, more information on Chrysalis can be found here ( Our senior youth is currently involved in 2 outreach programmes and we aim to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. Our aim is to grow young Christian leaders and to encourage them to bring their friends along to meet their friend, Jesus.

Whether you’ve been following God all your life or you just want to hang out with your friends – we can’t wait to meet you!

Michelle Gevers

Youth Minister